Stephen King is no stranger to horror movies or being an insane Lefty nutter, and last night was no different. He implied most advertisers would be leaving Twitter and while he meant it for doom and gloom, users turned it into comic relief.

We have to admit, we are curious as well. Never used one, but maybe we should, especially if people are giving us promo codes! 🙂

Nice. We admit we laughed at the idea of Mr. King searching for a coupon and using it to buy the pillows he claims to hate.

There were many replies pointing out the irony of him hating on the company while also giving them free advertising but actually linking the My Pillow website was perfection.

We are pretty sure King has needed a bit more rest and relaxation for years but all of the users pointing out that Mike Lindell could help with that had us laughing like the Wicked Witch of the West.

We are pretty sure this person was trying to support Mr. King in his insanity, but CBS was back on Twitter within 12 hours of saying they were leaving it and had tweeted within 10 minutes of when she made this comment so THAT is hilarious!

Ouch. The screenshots of the advertisers, that hurt.

This editor admits to reading quite a few Stephen King books and while there are a few excellent standouts, he’s not wrong a lot of them have a similar plot with different interchangeable villains. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, pointing it out was quite fun. We support it.

Stephen King’s Twitter is a clown show most days, that is just a fact.

HA! We are so sorry, we had to include it because we snorted when we read it. Look, to each their own, but none of the people listed in that tweet are winning any prizes for GOOD looks. We are not saying ALL of them need to be in a Dog Show or anything but we literally belly-laughed and we are not ashamed to admit it.

King does not seem to be able to give up Twitter or his desire to scare people into thinking the world is ending and his Leftist politics can save them, but we hope he keeps trying because his horror show turns into OUR comedy gold.

Keep tweeting Mr. King and maybe you should look into a better pillow, you do look a little tired.


Editor’s Note:

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