In a recent interview for BBC World News, Tik Tok expert and self-proclaimed journalist Taylor Lorenz was asked how Twitter’s commitment to free speech is faring under Elon Musk’s iron fist. Not well, said Taylor. Not well at all:


We’d like to see one as well.

“Elon Musk is super anti-free-speech.” Well, let’s think about that for a minute. Let’s think about who Taylor Lorenz is and what she’s done to be super pro-free-speech:

  • She’s used her resources at the New York Times and then the Washington Post to dig up dirt from the pasts of people who even look at her funny, in attempts to intimidate them and even get them fired and/or canceled;
  • She’s used her resources at the New York Times and then the Washington Post to find and then publicize personal information, including names and addresses, of people who even look at her funny;
  • She has sought revenge on Twitter conservatives with whom she disagrees and then thrown down the victim card every time she’s called out on it, disingenuously hiding behind the First Amendment to justify her efforts to eliminate anyone who stands in the way of whatever narrative she has to be pushing (that’s not what the First Amendment is for, Taylor).

So, based on just that quick list, it would appear that Taylor Lorenz is, in fact, significantly more super anti-free-speech than Elon Musk. Meanwhile, Musk hasn’t suspended Taylor’s Twitter account (she’s still tweeting, as a matter of fact, despite living under a purported right-wing dictatorship), but is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that, if given the chance, Taylor would purge Elon Musk from Twitter without a second thought?



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