In September the Wall Street Journal published a column from the editorial about a looming rail strike and why it would be a “significant rebuke to Mr. Biden”:

A strike would be a significant rebuke to Mr. Biden and the Democrats, and you can bet Mr. Walsh is making that point. Mr. Biden weighed in with phone calls earlier in the week. A strike in the runup to the midterm elections would create economic disruption at the worst time for Democrats who are trying (not very credibly) to persuade Americans that the U.S. economy is in terrific shape.

You’d think some $5 trillion in new spending by this Congress, much of which will fatten union bottom lines, would be enough to buy some labor peace. If not, Democrats on Capitol Hill have the power to impose another cooling off period so the two sides can negotiate without a strike. Let’s see if Democrats side with their Big Labor allies, or with the U.S. economy that needs the trains to run on time.

A few days later it was being reported that a rail strike would be averted, so the Biden White House decided it was victory lap time and rubbed the WSJ editorial board’s face in it, with a Mussolini reference thrown in to top it off:

But guess what, it’s now a couple of months later and it turns out the rail strike issue isn’t settled after all and the WH’s victory lap was likely just for show ahead of the midterms:

Earlier this week, WH press secretary and her Big Book of Talking Points were asked about Biden’s involvement in the potential strike, and she claimed the president has “been directly involved”:

If Biden’s been directly involved, either somebody forgot to tell him or he’s just lying again:

Wow! Nobody can say the White House doesn’t have all their bases covered on this one.

Biden made the comments on Nantucket, where he’s spending the weekend at the home of one of the billionaires he always claims doesn’t pay their “fair share.”

They certainly don’t act like it.

This administration is the hottest of messes.



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