Back in March, I was permanently banned from Twitter for daring to speak the truth about transgenderism. However, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk gave me hope that my account will one day be restored.

Musk, who has stated that he wants to end permanent bans, has been restoring the accounts of people and organizations that were unjustly banned. Last week, he conducted a poll asking the Twitter community if Donald Trump’s account should be restored. Trump won, and his account was reactivated. Though Trump is unlikely to return to the platform, it was still a victory for free speech, as Twitter unjustly banned him over false allegations he incited the Capitol riot.

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The restoration of Trump’s account certainly gave me hope that I would eventually get my account restored as well. And this week, Musk conducted another poll asking the Twitter community if Twitter should offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts.

With over 3.1 million votes, the Twitter community voted overwhelmingly to grant amnesty to suspended accounts. It wasn’t even close. A whopping 72% voted to give them amnesty!

After the poll closed, Musk declared: “The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week.”

So, it looks like I’ll be back on Twitter soon! Thank you, Mr. Musk!

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