Don Lemon became one of the casualties of CNN’s image overhaul under Chris Licht’s leadership. No, Lemon didn’t get his walking papers, but he did get demoted to cohost of CNN’s low-rated “Morning Show,” so he’s barely still even working there, really.

Anyway, CNN viewers have noticed how the tone of some of the network’s programming has shifted since Licht took charge. Viewers like late-night host Stephen Colbert, who pointed out to Lemon that these days, it’s as if CNN talent “aren’t allowed to be liberal anymore.” His guest Don Lemon, for what it’s worth disagrees. Because, according to Lemon, CNN talent were never liberal in the first place.

Watch this:

Here’s more of Lemon’s response:

“Well, listen. I think that, I think what Chris is saying is that he wants Republicans — sensible Republicans, he wants us to hold people to account. But he wants people to come on and feel comfortable coming on and talking on, on CNN and appearing on CNN. So if you invite someone in your house, you want to make them comfortable, but also by the nature of what we do, we have to hold people to account. And, so, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going liberal or conservative or whatever. It just means that we are doing what we do, and that’s good journalism.”

Don Lemon is certainly entitled to his opinion, but we also feel an obligation to call BS on it. So we’re gonna go ahead and call BS on it. Because it’s BS.

Don Lemon really brought the comedy, so kudos to him for that, at least. Even if it’s unintentional, it still counts.



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