Joy Behar says a lot of stupid stuff. Heck, she wouldn’t be Joy if she wasn’t spouting out ridiculously dumb things … but yesterday, when she outright lied about SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett claiming she belonged to a hate group that was a line too far.

Even for The View.

We’re shocked, honestly, as we didn’t think the garbage show would have a limit for garbage but apparently, it does.

Check out Joy’s backpedal on the claim:

She knew what she was doing when she smeared Amy Coney Barrett, it wasn’t a MISTAKE.

Right, she just got them mixed up … she conflated them.

Nice attempt at covering for her, Whoopi, but nope.

Nobody’s buying that she got them conflated. At all.

It feels like this wasn’t Joy’s decision to correct it … almost like someone told her she had to. If not, she’s one of the most insincere people on the planet and considering who she’s sitting with at that table, that’s really sayin’ something.

Totally sincere.


We don’t call her Joy BeHAG for nothin’.

If someone on a conservative talk show had claimed Kagan or Sotomayor was part of a hate group they’d have lost their job and the moronic Lefty mob would be trying to cancel the show.


Yup, and it always will be.



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