“The Mona Lisa of tone-deaf public health policy tweets” has been spotted coming from CDC Director Rochelle Walensky:

Wait — their “sacrifice” — really?

Yes, really:

Wow, that is… something else. We’re almost speechless.

Walensky’s tweet speaks volumes, and none of them are good:

Of course it must be considered that the Biden administration defines “success” at one’s job very differently than people who are simply looking for some common sense amid the lunacy.

“Public health officials” have managed to completely shred what was left of their credibility in the last nearly three years and Walensky’s tweet has shredded those shreds into even smaller shreds.

Instead Walensky might instead get a nice Christmas bonus.

Walensky’s tweet has the same energy as China praising the “sacrifice” of people who died in a building fire (because the government locked them inside their apartments) for their courage in fighting the spread of Covid.



‘Shut the Hell UP’: PoliMath takes the CDC and other ‘institutions’ APART in thread explaining why people do NOT trust them

Here’s 3 minutes worth of Sen. Rand Paul rattling off all the CDC’s failures (and fits of dishonesty)


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