The media and the Elite™ are masters as gaslighting.

Psychology Today has a great definition of gaslighting that perfectly describes what the media does and how the Elite successfully maintains social control. If you want to understand why people refuse to see something that seems obvious, they have probably been victims of gaslighting.

Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.

COVID hysterics are perfect examples of gaslighting victims. Obviously many people who appear to be all-in on COVID prevention are merely performing for virtue signaling points. They are the ones who ostentatiously wear masks in public while privately palling around with their fellows maskless.

Most of the public health/political types fit this category. These are the people you see in those “Gavin Newsom being hypocritical” type photos. There are lots of those people, and generally they are the ones doing the gaslighting. Fauci, Whitmer, the Cuomo brothers…they are all in on the joke.

But the poor folks who wear masks while walking alone outside? Or who are terrified enough to wear masks in their cars while alone? Those are the victims. They genuinely believe that the powers-that-be have their interests at heart and that they should do whatever they are told, or even more. They are hyper-scrupulous about following directions and even going above and beyond. True believers.

There’s a perfect video that displays how gaslighting about COVID worked, and you should watch it.

You can see how people get lured in with amazing promises. Comply and you will be saved! 100% safe and effective! I love you baby!

But over time the “facts” change and new promises are made, new tasks must be performed, and so on. Wear masks! Don’t wear masks. Mask with your underwear! Make masks at home. Home masks don’t work. Surgical masks do. No, only N95s work! Vaccines work 100%! No they don’t! You need a new vax.

Now 2, now 3, now 4 vaccines. Yearly boosters! This one will definitely work!

Now you and I might think that the constantly changing claims and “facts” would undermine credibility–they sure did for us. But apparently this sort of thing not only works with a large chunk of the population, those people who have bought the lies are recruited as soldiers in the fight to oppress those of who became skeptical.

The convinced are not merely “supporters” of the gaslighters’ policy prescriptions–they are fanatics, willing to sacrifice everybody’s freedoms in the name of public health. 3 years after COVID appeared in China America and the world are still in COVID emergencies which allow governments to ignore laws and even violate our civil rights. The “emergency” is the all-purpose get out of jail free card for government, and they can do that because half the country has been gaslighted into believing it is necessary.

The constant changing of the “facts” keeps people psychologically off balance. It isn’t evidence that maybe the people in charge are ignorant or liars–it is evidence that we have to keep listening to them to get the latest advice and mandates to keep safe. Reality isn’t fixed, so the authorities become the center of the world around which everything else spins.

If reality is constantly changing, there can be no common sense. “New variants” create dopamine hits that keep people’s attention. It is hard to keep people focused for years, but the invention of new and exotic dangers appears to work.

The beauty of gaslighting for propagandists is that there is absolutely no reasoning with its victims. You and they do not share a reality, as their connection to it has been broken. For all intents and purposes they have become psychotic, not because they are biologically mentally ill, but because they have been so manipulated that they can’t distinguish fact from fiction.

Yes, this all sounds a bit zany, but look at the facts. The “science” on COVID never changed. Masks never worked. Vaccines never prevented infection or transmission of COVID (they do appear to mitigate the severity of the disease, but that’s it). 15 days turned into nearly 3 years and counting. DeSantis was never DeathSantis, and Governor Kemp did not “experiment in human sacrifice.” Kids actually were harmed by school closures and masks, as everybody sane predicted.

If you go back 3 years you can find studies showing masks are ineffective. They disappeared. One actually came out just before COVID and the authors appended a note basically saying “masks don’t work normally, but they do with COVID.”

It was gaslighting. Pure and simple. And it is still going on today, and still working with a vast number of folks.

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