President Joe Biden took the stage at the Tribal Nations Summit today, where he was sure to mention his wife Jill’s fondness for Indian reservations and Navajos in particular.

But those weren’t the only important points he had on offer today. There was also this:

“Don’t hesitate to correct me when I make them.” That message kinda contradicts his actual behavior when people point out mistakes. He makes it sound like he’s open to constructive criticism, when, in fact, as we’ve seen so many times, his response to criticism ranges from completely ignoring it to getting snippy with critics to challenging those critics to pushup contests.

Hell, he’s been making mistakes for decades.

And as for his boast that “no one’s ever done as much as president as this administration is doing,” well, he’s sooooorta right about that …

He’s definitely given previous administrations big runs for their money when it comes to screwing up Americans’ lives on a daily basis.

That’s more like it.

Considering the current state of his mind, that’s not so great.

He’s not so great.


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