A funny thing happened at the University of Florida College of Medicine recently. The school’s administrators had been happily and busily ensuring that their website was sufficiently woke for the past couple of years. In their efforts to combat “systemic racism,” they followed many other institutions around the country by going too far and giving the impression that they might be actively discriminating against people on the basis of race in hiring and admissions. All of that changed, however, when a group opposed to identity politics in medical education examined their site and published a report detailing all of the “anti-racism” material they found there. Not long after, the pages detailing those policies quickly began to disappear from the web. (Washington Free Beacon)

The University of Florida College of Medicine is scrubbing “anti-racism” pages from its website in the wake of a report detailing the influence of leftwing ideology on the school’s curriculum.

The report from Do No Harm, a group opposed to identity politics in medical education, was released November 22 and highlighted a slew of activist statements by the public medical school, many of them posted to its official website. A week later—after a flurry of unflattering media coverage—the College of Medicine had taken down at least three of those posts, including a statement on the admissions office homepage declaring that “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

That statement also condemned “systemic oppression” and touted the admissions office’s commitment to “equity in healthcare.”

One of the magically disappearing web pages contained what was described as a list of “resources” for combatting systemic racism. The page urged “white allies” to “assume racism is everywhere, every day.” That page is now gone, though it and the others can still be located through the wayback machine.

The school’s director of communications claims that its admissions policy “does not favor or give priority to any group.” But that’s certainly not what it sounded like on the now-removed pages. They were extolling “diversity, equity, and inclusion” everywhere you looked. But since setting racial quotas is illegal in most places, including Florida, that wouldn’t play very well.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen medical schools and hospitals scrubbing material from their websites after someone brings the information to the attention of the public. Nor is critical race theory the only topic coming under fire. Multiple hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital, previously had videos and policy descriptions on their public websites where they boasted about performing transgender surgeries on children and even bragged about how much money those procedures made for the facility. After they were highlighted in the media, the pages quickly disappeared.

This trend really says something about the people working in the medical field. For several years those institutions simply published all of that material as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Did they honestly not believe for a moment that normal people wouldn’t recoil upon seeing and hearing things like that? They only seemed to come to that realization after the public outcry began. Whether your talking about reverse discrimination or mutilating children’s genitals, how in the world did the medical industry become filled with so many people who are obviously so completely out of touch with reality?

The only way these types of madness are going to go away is if more groups and journalists ferret out the organizations engaging in all of this and shine a light on them. Otherwise, the activities taking place out of sight of the public will just continue.

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