Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ status as a likely frontrunner in the 2024 Republican presidential race is quickly being cemented, and, given his performance in the midterms, we’d say that he’s looking like he’s got a pretty good shot at taking the whole thing.

Liberals are terrified by that prospect, so they’re not wasting any time trying to take him out of the whole equation. Here’s The Atlantic’s latest contribution to the effort:

“Punchy, smart, and exceptionally well written” doesn’t describe any Atlantic piece we’ve seen lately, but maybe this is the one that will change our minds.

(It’s not.)

Not even a little bit.

So, who are these “some Republicans and Floridians who know DeSantis a little better than some of his national media boosters”? They sound like Very Serious People.

Rick Wilson, eh?

If that doesn’t just say it all.

So weird, right? Anyway, we’re not sure why we’re supposed to be impressed by Rick Wilson talking smack about Ron DeSantis:

“A strange no-eye-contact oddball,” Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant, wrote on Resolute Square.

Guess that’s supposed to be the money quote or something. There are a handful of quotes from other reliable sources, of course, including Barbara Comstock and Chris Christie, so you know how much this Atlantic piece is worth.

It would not. And Mark Leibovich’s piece isn’t either of those things; it’s just desperate.

If Ron DeSantis nevertheless persists, the Resistance loses their biggest meal ticket. They can’t have that, and The Atlantic can’t have it, either. The mainstream media can’t have it.

The media are so transparent. They’re not even trying to be sneaky about it.




Ron DeSantis foils corporate media’s attempt to bait him over Trump with ‘pitch perfect’ response


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