Technocracy: noun, “government by technicians who are guided solely by the imperatives of their technology.”

Note what technocrats are not guided by: popular consent.

Via the Electronic Privacy Information Center:

The D.C. government outsources critical governmental decisions to automated decision-making systems in areas such as public benefits, healthcare, policing, and housing. As a result, District residents are surveilled, screened, and scored every day. But because of weak government transparency laws, opaque procurement processes, the power and influence of tech vendors, and the decline in local journalism, it has been difficult to uncover the details of how many automated decision-making systems are used in government programs. [emphasis added]

There is literally no bureaucratic process immune to automation. Oakland, Calif., police even recently proposed arming robots with shotguns to combat crime. What could go wrong?

The outsourcing of the hard work of governing to machines is a multi-level phenomenon. A 2020 report from Stanford University found that 40% of federal agencies use artificial intelligence in their decision-making processes.

An analysis by Yale Law School nicely summarized the primary issue with handing off authority to the opaque workings of algorithmic computers housed in some government warehouse:

Algorithms can make government less accountable. Without informed oversight of the use of algorithms, humans can at once offload responsibility for their failures onto the algorithm*, while also gaining unwarranted credibility due to the algorithm’s perceived power of analysis. [emphasis added]

*This is an extension of the “rule by experts” phenomenon seen in the COVID-19 era in which monumentally impactful decisions were outsourced to unelected, anonymous “experts” so as to shift any responsibility for the fallout away from the Democrat Party.

No one knows who the “experts” are anyway because the lapdog corporate media never demands to know, so substituting computers for humans as decision-makers isn’t a big leap in the spiral into full-on technocracy.

Government by machine, down to literal control of the inner workings of the human body, is the ultimate pipe dream of the likes of the World Economic Forum and the globalized corporate state that it represents.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (a veterinarian, not coincidentally, who is used to going to work on animals under his care without consent) fantasized at a World Economic Forum meeting in 2018 about a “fascinating new product” one corporation has in the works as a tool to enforce “compliance” with the biomedical regime:

It’s basically a biological chip, but it’s in the tablet. And once you take the tablet, it dissolves into your stomach, [and] sends a signal that you took the tablet … Imagine the applications of that, the compliance.

It doesn’t take an overactive imagination to see where all this is going. Eventually, in the absence of opposition, human-directed governance with accountability for the humans who do the governing, an essential theoretical element of democracy, will go the way of the buffalo.

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