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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Annabelle’s closest friends began to worry when she missed work because she couldn’t stop updating her “James Corden Fan Wall.”

It is not normal for the party that has a first-term incumbent in the White House to have a lot of speculation about who might run for the nomination in the next presidential election. The Democrats find themselves in this position because they elected a doddering husk who requires an extra Secret Service agent just to keep him from choking on one of his Legos.

Speculation about who might run for the Democrats in 2024 began almost the moment President LOLEightyonemillion was installed in the Oval Office. California Governor Gavin Newsom has been talked about a lot, especially since he survived a recall effort after his thoroughly fascist handling of the pandemic.

The weird thing about all of that, of course, is that the Vice President of the United States is another Californian. If Old Joe were to step aside, convention dictates that Kamala Harris would be next in line for the Democrats.


For the moment, Newsom has decided not to muddy those waters, which Victoria wrote about yesterday:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has assured Joe and Jill Biden that he won’t challenge the president in the 2024 election and vows not to run even if the 80-year-old president retires from political life.

The news moves Newsom’s piece from the 2024 political chessboard — perhaps.

Newsom was obviously making moves to run in the next presidential election cycle but for some reason changed his mind. Indeed, Newsom even rebuffed the shuffling, forgetful, and forgettable president when he made a campaign trip to California before the 2022 midterms. Newsom was off touting his children’s book instead. The Sacramento Bee reported that Newsom took shots at Biden’s obvious frailties, saying he’d “intimated that Biden, who turned 80 this week, was no longer up to the job” and calling him a man “hard-wired for a different world.”

I’ve been saying for months that there is no way the Democrats can run Newsom as long as Harris is in the mix. I’ve been getting a lot of pushback from readers about that. Too many conservatives — even those who pay a lot of attention to politics as our readers do — make the mistake of applying logic to the Democrats when trying to guess what they’ll do. They don’t try to think like the Dems.

Modern Democrats think in terms of diversity checklists. That’s how they ended up with a vice president who is so disliked by her own party that she was run off of the 2020 primary stage while it was still 2019. But now they have a vice president who checked off not one, but two HISTORIC FIRST boxes.

There is no way that lily white male Gavin Newsom can rush in to save the Democrats from their Black female VEEP, especially since they’re from the same state. Trust me, the Dems recoil in horror at the thought of the optics of that situation.

The Democrats are currently busy keeping alive the fiction that Joe Biden will run again. They’ve been living in an even bigger fantasy land since the midterms, which they are pretending made it more likely that Biden will run. They need to buy time right now not only to figure out a way for Biden to gracefully exit, but to get Harris to move on as well.

Yeah, there’s a lot of Prilosec being downed at the DNC these days.

If the Democrats can figure out a way to get Sir Sniffsalot and Princess Cackles out of the running for 2024, Newsom will no doubt ride in on a wave of smarm and enter the race.

Newsom is also enjoying being in his California commie cocoon. He may not want to enter the 2024 race because he knows he’ll get beaten handily by whichever Floridian wins the GOP nomination.

He’s got a good grift going in the Golden State right now and is guaranteed at least four more years of it. That may be the only tea leaf that needs to be read to understand his announcement.

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