Alex Jones had a live stream show with Kanye “Ye” West and Nick Fuentes today, and accomplished something unprecedented: he sounded reasonably sane compared to his guests.

I have never paid any attention to Alex Jones or Kanye West, AKA “Ye” until recently. But over the past few months it has been impossible to avoid news about both.

When the antisemitism controversy about Ye erupted I just assumed it was standard cancel culture stuff. In fact I wrote about his purchase of Parler (yet another social media platform I ignore) I was about to praise him. Ed set me straight, luckily, and I avoided that firestorm. When Alex Jones lost his lawsuit the sum he was ordered to pay astounded me. But I really had no interest beyond the sensation number.

But cruising Twitter I noticed clips from the livestream and was mesmerized. I got to see the insanity of an Alex Jones show for the first time, and to see a certified (and certifiable) celebrity explain how Hitler actually was a pretty good guy. Amazing stuff. It’s like watching those videos of the Japanese tsunami roll in. It is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

It’s pretty riveting, actually. In a disaster movie sort of way.

No, Ye, there really aren’t good things about Hitler. Not a one. He was even a crappy artist. Not one good thing. I guess he liked dogs. So there is that. One good thing.

Well, apparently Ye thinks that Hitler’s construction of the Autobahns was admirable. Yes, but…they were constructed to enable the military to more efficiently invade the rest of Europe, so not so much…

I guess you have to admire his honesty. Actually, no you don’t. There is nothing positive you can say about either Hitler nor Ye now that isn’t excuse making. Perhaps you could convince me that he is severely mentally ill and going through a manic phase. That certainly can happen.

But that isn’t a positive thing in Ye’s favor. At best it is an excuse for otherwise inexcusable behavior. I could see cutting a guy slack for being temporarily insane, but you would have to first admit that he is insane to get there. Insanity is a defense we accept. But geez, we still put insane people into care, not lionize them.

Kanye claims that he loves both Jews and Nazis, and not in the whole “love your neighbor” sort of way, but in the way that he thinks positively about them:

Who the hell watches this stuff and thinks it is anything but bash!t crazy? I assume some people do.

Despite how insanely offensive all this is, I still argue that it should not be censored at all. It is hateful speech, and we should fight back against the immorality it represents. And the best and only real way to do that is to confront it, not suppress it. Hateful people are going to be hateful no matter what; if you suppress their hatefulness they will only grow in certainty and resentment and ironically succeed in attracting other resentful people to their cause.

The proper way to treat people who say these things is to point out that they are losers and bigots. People who worship the Nazis are worshipping hateful losers. We mongrels–I and most Americans are indeed mongrels because we are a nation of immigrants–wiped Nazi Germany off the map before rebuilding it. The so-called “master race” got its butt kicked by a bunch of mixed race/mixed religion Americans, Brits, Russians, Jews, Christians and atheists.

Some “master race.” Losers.

If Ye and Fuentes aren’t completely destroyed by their own words I despair for the world. Of course some will flock to their banner because that is what losers do.

But for the rest of us? Good riddance.

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