Last night, Twitter users watched as history was made and Elon Musk pulled back the curtain to show us all what the Biden team did with the Hunter Biden laptop story to protect him during the 2020 election. Regardless of your party or leanings, this is a big deal.

It just is.

Forget that Biden wasn’t president yet, the number of people working inside the government to get him elected (not to mention the former intelligence officials who wrote a freakin’ LETTER saying the entire thing was Russian disinformation), that Twitter not only worked with the campaign but found a violation to use AFTER they’d suppressed the story to help Biden… no words for how corrupt that is.

Musk said:

The Expert™ Tom Nichols had to chime in since he’s a ‘certified political scientist’ and stuff.

This guy:

WHOA boy.

Well, as a certified snarkologist, this editor can assure you all that Tom is full of it.

Completely and totally.

They’re also claiming this whole thing was ‘revenge porn.’

No, really.

No. None.


His certification doesn’t cover that.

What he said.



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