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Conservatives cheered when former Disney CEO Bob Chapek stepped down last month. His reign at the child groomer company was pocked with an expansive push to sexualize “kid-friendly” content and remove any semblance of family values from their programming. He also promoted the wokest agenda possible on all of their business fronts in his short time at the helm.

But his replacement, former- and now current-CEO Bob Iger, is not a good guy. He’s no less groomer-minded than Chapek. He’s simply more cunning and less obvious. Parents need to understand this if they believe things are going to get better at Disney. There will be no return to the good ol’ days when less culturally and political charged entertainment made Disney a safer choice for children. All he’s going to do is pull the woke agenda back into the shadows a bit.

From a strategic perspective, the hope is that this will slow the financial hemorrhaging the company has been experiencing since it became far bolder with its groomer messaging under Chapek. But they have no intention of reversing course. The destruction of western society through Cultural Marxism and degradation of values is the task they’ve been assigned by their globalist elite puppet masters. Their endgame is to push forward a generation of adults who were so confused through childhood that they will beg the Powers and Principalities to rule over them.

Lest we forget, it was Iger who ushered in the current state of unabashed wokeness at the company. He was made CEO in 2005 after what can be characterized as a “board coup” against his predecessor, Michael Eisner. Since then, he oversaw the rapid transformation of the company, immediately disbanding the company’s Strategic Planning division. They were a roadblock to the woke agenda since their goals were to advance the company’s profits rather than engage in social justice warfare. That didn’t sit well with Iger, so he dumped them altogether.

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Once he bought Pixar, the path forward became crystal clear. He would slowly, methodically transform the company into a grooming factory that could change the hearts and minds of children across the globe. He succeeded, which is why Chapek was brought in as a more “robust” version who could accelerate the agenda. He did, but it backfired. The groomer program proceeded too fast and they started losing eyeballs. Thus, Iger was brought back to slop the bleeding, but only for a short time.

In essence, he’s a setup man for whoever the next mega-woke CEO will be. He’ll bring the groomer agenda back to the shadows, pump out some successful projects, then hand the reins over once again for the next major indoctrination push.

In many ways, this is actually a far worse scenario than the overt wokeness we saw under Chapek. Conservatives have a tendency to let their guard down after what they perceive to be victories. All it will take is a few “normal” projects under Iger’s rule and conservatives will cheer about how their efforts worked to change the company. But it won’t last. Moreover, the groomer agenda will not abate. It will be more subtle, and that’s actually worse than the manifest LGBTQIA+ supremacy agenda in current projects, including the disaster described below in the article by S.D. Wells. At least with blatant wokeness the alarm bells will ring. When it’s subtle, parents may willingly expose their children without even knowing the programming that is being done to them.

Stay frosty, folks. We need to keep the pressure up, but more importantly we need to inform our fellow patriots that Disney is NOT going back to “normal,” ever. They are under the thumb of those who want to destroy us. This is one of the reasons we just launched our first Discern Media project, Discern Report. Please check it out after you read this article by S.D. Wells…

DISNEY’S GAY BLACK HOLE – Where Money Goes to Disappear

The trend for Disney lately is to weave in gay scenes and themes in children’s movies and then lose a few hundred million dollars when it flops on the big screen. It’s called grooming, but it’s one nasty black hole for Disney where big bucks go to disappear.

Whether it’s some drag queens in thongs twerkin’ for the kids, or a gay couple shoving their tongues down each other’s throats, grooming is in “full swing” for children of all ages. In the new film, Strange World, the lead characters are two gender-fluid boys who are in love with each other, and the propaganda film is sinking down a dark $147,000,000 hole of losses and regrets, not counting promotional costs also sunk into it.

These sexual plots woven into movies by Disney to groom America’s kids into thinking about sex, sex partners and trans-everything all the time are failing miserably. Disney has come out of the closet, but it’s not about equal rights, fair treatment or love, but rather it’s about grooming kids while the parents look on in utter disgust, unless those parents are gender-fluid drag queens in thongs also.

A black hole in space is where gravity is so strong that not even light can escape it and where space time becomes deformed. In Hollywood and Disney, a black hole is where money goes into a film about sex and gender confusion in an attempt to influence children and teens to get gender-bender surgery that leaves them permanently deformed. Besides pushing gay everything on the kids, Disney loves to promote Satanic worship also, where Satan is personified as a man (film called “Little Demon”) who gets teenage girls pregnant, abandons them and then comes back a decade later to steal “his” baby’s soul.

Want to lose a fortune making films? Just invest in gay and satanic themes that exploit and warp children’s minds

There’s no quicker way to lose a few hundred million dollars, besides investing in Democrat crypto-funded election campaigns, than slinging money at a demented kid’s film for the big gay (Satan’s rainbow) silver screen. It’s the Disney gay money pit. Disney wants every scene of their movies to be a warped sub-plot that makes being gay and demonic the central themes of growing up.

Part of turning America into a communist hell-hole involves big media warping the minds of future generations, starting with kids in kindergarten and nursery school. Some parents think they are supporting gay rights by taking kids to public gay strip clubs (Drag Queen Story Hour or Disney movies at the theatre), but it’s all part of a communist plot to strip children of family values, ethics, morals and religion. This turns future generations into Democrat voters who think all that matters is the extreme liberal agenda, that includes taking cancer-inducing gender-bender drugs and getting genitalia-mutilating surgery to “switch genders” (which isn’t even possible).

Wake up and smell the dirty coffee that Disney is brewing for America’s children. It’s a pot of poison where kid’s minds get warped and investors lose hundreds of millions of dollars trying to push gay and demonic themes for feeding their own perverted agenda.

If you see superheroes in Drag grooming children, take your kids and run the other direction, fast. Disney and Marvel love pumping lute into perverted, pedophiliac films that have no business (pardon the pun) being produced in the first place.

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Tune your internet dial to for updates on Disney and Hollywood trying to turn every American child into a gender-fluid freak who only thinks about sex, drugs and gender-bender surgery all day.

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