Wow, Ted Lieu sure is squirming … a lot.

He’s working just as hard as our pals in corporate media to try and spin what Elon Musk revealed on Friday night as a nothing burger. You know, there is such a thing as trying TOO HARD to make something seem like it’s not a big deal. Look at him telling his lemming-like followers that the drop was no big deal and that it was just Biden’s team complaining about certain tweets on Twitter. They’re all trying to make this about tweets versus the tech giant deliberately silencing a pretty important story, especially during the last month before an election.

Sometimes Twitter listened and sometimes it didn’t.

Are you effing kidding us?!

Ted clearly didn’t read the thread.

Oh, and then he tweeted this …


He’s almost as annoying as Eric Swalwell.


It does make him sound sorta guilty.


Sure does.

And he has been for a long, long time.

Hrm … what is that all about?


Ted doesn’t get it … he’s just making himself and his party look worse.



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