Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla gave an epic, all-American response when asked if he had met the “royal family” at a recent game.  Passing right over the British royalty who attended the Celtics game, Mazzulla immediately responded, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph?”

Prince William of Wales and Princess Kate Middleton attended a Celtics basketball game this week, Fox News reported. But when a fan girl reporter stammered out an excited question about the royals’ attendance to Mazzulla, she didn’t quite get the answer she expected.

“Did you get a chance to meet with the royal family?” the reporter all but giggled.  “And if not, how was it, like, having them there in the building?” Mazzulla replied seriously, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph?” The reporter laughed in confusion and clarified, “The prince and princess of Wales.” Mazzulla answered, “Oh, no, I did not.” He then explained his reaction: “I’m only familiar with one royal family, I don’t know too much about that one.”  A response that would have made George Washington proud.

Mazzulla’s comment to the press was met by stunned silence, however. Smiling, Mazzulla then looked around the room.  “But I’m glad they’re–hopefully they’re Celtic fans,” he added of William and Kate.  “Thank you.”  And he got up and left.

We’re unfortunately living in a time when sports has become infiltrated with wokeness, when players take knees during the national anthem and woke sports stars bash traditional Christian teaching.  Mazzulla was a refreshing exception, and he wasn’t the only person who was unimpressed by the British royals’ game attendance.  The American (and Irish) roots of Celtics fans came out strongly at the game.  When William and Kate appeared on the jumbotron, cheers mixed with boos and chants of “USA! USA!”  came from the crowd.

I do think basic respect for visiting dignitaries is important.  But I’m glad there are still plenty of Americans who don’t idolize  monarchy and remember that the U.S. recognizes only one king: God.

Now if only the Biden administration could learn that lesson too…

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