On Friday Elon Musk released the first in a number of installments in the Twitter files. As Jazz pointed out on Friday there wasn’t anything particularly shocking the recent revelations, mostly because we already knew Twitter moderation was fundamentally corrupt.

Jazz was more disappointed than I, but that is as much about what I think Musk’s strategy is. I think this is a buildup, not a dump. He is milking this for all it is worth. I expect the revelations to get more and more interesting, but perhaps I am just being optimistic. Maybe Twitter was just engaged in groupthink, not a conspiracy. It’s possible. Groupthink is powerful.

The MSM is having a mental breakdown over the revelations. Their favorite toy, Twitter, has been taken away from them and they will never forgive Musk.

Yet their real anger now is being directed at reporter Matt Taibbi, formerly of Rolling Stone and now a star on Substack. He, along with Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss has built a huge following on the platform, filling a void in the current news landscape: former mainstream reporters who have defected from the MSM due to disgust with the rejection of journalistic standards.

Musk is releasing the Twitter files through Taibbi, and the media Elite™ are in full attack mode against Taibbi. Utterly unhinged attacks.

Utterly unhinged and totally coordinated attacks. Almost as if there is an official MSM Narrative™ they are trying to push.

It’s pretty obvious that the word went out about the talking points and the entire MSM and Left Twitter compliantly put out the spin. Taibbi is doing PR work for Elon Musk, not bread and butter reporting. Despite having access to the actual raw data.

The attacks on Taibbi are totally ridiculous. 95% of the “news” is repeating what powerful people want out there. Leaks come from powerful people. Press releases come from powerful people. Deep Throat was a powerful person. The media rarely covers anything else. Reporters need not be stenographers for the powerful, but every single one of them utterly depends upon what the powerful tell them.

Most of those leaks are utterly unsubstantiated. Many are outright false, but printed verbatim. Taibbi is using the actual raw data and releasing it for the world to see. That is actual reporting, not the kind of stenography most reporters do. Even if nothing of note comes out (and I think lots already has), Taibbi will have done us the service of filling in gaps that everybody wanted filled.

People are desperate to know what has been happening at Twitter. Twitter is in the news every single day, near the top of the media agenda. Yet none of these reporters is covering anything besides opinion and insinuations, and they are attacking the sole reporter who has the complete story.

Remember when all these guys were predicting the collapse of Twitter? It was NEWS, despite being totally ridiculous and clearly wrong speculation. Reporters compliantly spew the Biden Administration line that Elon Musk is a national security threat, that he has enabled White supremacists, that hate speech is now running rampant on Twitter. All without any data to back it up. None. Just repeating the line of the powerful Leftists.

Yet they attack Taibbi for reporting from original documents. You know, evidence.

None of the “journalists”  ever corrected their reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop being Russian propaganda, because they are hacks. Deceptive, propagandistic hacks. They just repeat lies and then memory hole them when they are proven false. Have you seen any corrections about the Russia collusion stories? Of course not. They got a Pulitzer Prize for lying.

So spare me the attacks on Taibbi, who is doing real journalism covering the Twitter files.

They clearly don’t want this story told. At all.

Why? Because each of these people participated in the coverup of a bona fide news story right before the election, and they are doing everything they can to distract from that fact.

There was little doubt that the Biden laptop was real–even Hunter didn’t deny that it was his. Hunter Biden did less to cover up his own misdeeds than the MSM.

Almost every reporter went into overdrive to debunk the legitimacy of the laptop, calling it Russian disinformation, cheering on the censorship of the story, and amplifying “information” that was absolutely false.

These reporters were doing stenography, not reporting, repeating the Narrative™ given them by the Biden camp. They don’t want that exposed for all the world to see.

Their excuse for covering up the laptop was being careful not to spread misinformation before an election–but that is exactly what they in fact did. CBS waited two years to acknowledge the obvious, and played their verification of the authenticity of the laptop as news. Each of these news outlets in fact promoted false propaganda for the future President of the United States, and they are doing everything they can to discredit the evidence that they did so.

Taibbi is taking all the criticism in (mostly) good humor. I suspect he has some goods on these people and will deploy it over time. All the criticism directed at him and Musk is simply amplifying the story, and if there are any actual juicy bits in there 100% of people’s attention will be focused on the story as the MSM tries to discredit it.

Dribbling out the news is smart–assuming they have something more than they have dropped already. I suspect they do, and if so there is going to be a lot of egg on people’s faces.

As if they care.

Being MSM means never having to say you are sorry.

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