We don’t get it. Actually, we do get it … we just don’t like it. Saira Rao made a name for herself on Twitter with blatantly racist tweets. But they were racist against whites, particularly white women, so naturally, she brokered that into a book deal with Penguin to write about how racist white women are. The next natural step is for Netflix to adapt her book into a documentary or something.

Ah, Saira Rao. Seeing the American flag makes her want to vomit. “Whiteness is terrorism.” Who was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic? White people. White women are the greatest villains of all time. Twitter needs a “mute all white women” button. Donald Trump murdered all the people on that Ukrainian airliner shot down over Tehran by the Iranians. She talks about the friends who would have done anything for her — except give up their whiteness.

So yeah, she gets a book deal and a column in TIME.

Hey white women:

Being perfect is the key to your happiness, to your success, to your very existence.

Perfect hair. Perfect clothes. Perfect grades. Perfect nails. Perfect weddings. Perfect bodies. Perfect adoring and supportive wife and mother. Perfect employee and colleague.

White skin. The foundational principle of perfection in a white supremacist society like ours is rooted in whiteness. Without it, your A’s will never be straight enough, your MVP trophies not shiny enough, your flowery dresses a bit wilted. Of course, white skin alone doesn’t render you perfect, but without it, you have no chance. White skin is a necessary (yet still insufficient) ingredient of perfection. The con, of course, is there is no actual recipe for perfection, as there is no such thing as perfection.

If this is up your alley, there’s a whole book of it out there.

Yep, for $2,500 you can be berated by Rao in person over dinner.

Banned? She’s being celebrated as a great mind. And TIME has fallen for her grift.


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