Ever since “The Twitter Files” dropped on Friday, the MSM have been tripping all over themselves to minimize the revelations contained within them. OK, perhaps “minimize” is the wrong word; “outright dismiss” is probably more suitable.

And then there’s the Washington Post, who, via Philip Bump and Glenn Kessler, is in the process of contending that they didn’t try to dismiss the story at all; they were just practicing journalism, you see.

Oh, OK.

Sure, Jan Philip.

What it is is — dare we say it? — misinformation. Actually, given its deliberate nature, we’d have to call it disinformation.

Spoiler: No, Philip would not like a few dozen examples from his own paper. Because that would throw a wrench in his whole argument.

So would Glenn Kessler, actually:

Somebody put that man’s face on a can of stew. What a hero.

Which is really interesting, because, if you’ll recall, they didn’t have any hesitation whatsoever about reporting that the Hunter Biden laptop story was part of a Trump/Russia disinformation campaign despite having no evidence whatsoever to support that claim.

And if you don’t recall, other people do:

WaPo wasn’t waiting for “experts to assess the veracity” of the material when they proclaimed that the story was a nothingburger made of disinformation. The MSM as a whole weren’t waiting.

The media didn’t drop the ball on the Hunter Biden story; they buried it.

They know it, and we know it.



Glenn Greenwald torches CNN’s ‘Twitter Files’ spin: ‘Like the rantings of any #Resistance maniac’


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