Earlier today, we told you about The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes coming after National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke for not being anti-Trump enough to pass The Bulwark’s Purity Test of Principled Conservatism™. Sykes got a big thumbs-up for that from his Bulwark colleague Bill Kristol.

Wasn’t that nice of Bill? It sure was. Just a little bit later, Sykes decided to return the favor:

What’s got Charlie in ecstasy? Why, it’s Bill’s Roadmap to Democratic Political Success in 2024. Y’all ready for this?


Sure, if by “hopeful,” you mean “ludicrous.”

It’s a pretty impressive level of delusion.


Don’t think for a second that Bill Kristol and The Bulwark wouldn’t absolutely love that. There’s always money in the #NeverTrump stand.

The padded ones are definitely closing in on Bill.



Meghan McCain tells Bill Kristol what he can do with his ‘f*cking audacity’ after he invokes John McCain to defend John Fetterman


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