Kanye West’s dinner with Trump and Nick Fuentes was less than two weeks ago. Since then West and Fuentes have been falling down a ladder with fewer and fewer media outlets willing to talk to them. First they agreed to an interview on Tim Pool’s YouTube show but that appearance lasted all of 25 minutes. The moment Pool pushed back on Ye’s anti-Semitism, Ye got up and walked out.

Where do you go after walking out on Tim Pool? To Alex Jones show of course. Jones set them up to walk back the allegation that they were anti-Semitic and instead of taking the lifeline being offered Ye started talking about why he liked Hitler.

There’s a video circulating today of Alex Jones talking about this interview with Steven Crowder and it once again proves what a low, low bar it is to pass the Hitler=Bad test. Somehow Ye couldn’t manage it and neither can Nick Fuentes. So where do you go after falling short on Alex Jones? The answer is apparently into a concrete basement with Gavin McInnes.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has interviewed controversial rapper Kanye West, launching a series where he claims to be on a mission to save Ye from becoming an antisemite. A trailer for the series, Saving Ye, which was released Monday night and promotes a “raw” and “honest” conversation with the rapper, says McInnes flew to LA two days after Ye’s comments on Alex Jones’ conspiracy program, InfoWars, that he admired Hitler. McInnes made the trip “to talk him off the ledge,” the promo states.

So was McInnes able to save Ye? Well, not exactly. “This intervention isn’t going very well,” McInnes said.

The headline that several outlets are running about this comes from this next clip where Kanye tells Jews to forgive Hitler and “Let it go.” (the volume of this clip is pretty hot).

Rolling Stone has a bit more:

Further into the interview, McInnes repeats an earlier claim that “ethnomasochism” is a “genetic white thing,” which Fuentes counters by saying “liberalism has poisoned the well for white people.” Fuentes takes the moment to nosedive into a thread about his childhood, claiming that “kids love Hitler” and that there is something compelling about the videos, propaganda, and symbols. When McInnes questions Fuentes’ claim, the Holocaust denier clarifies that he is referring to kids on 4chan…

Earlier in the episode, West claims “that there is a collusion of Jewish attorneys and managers and everything else you can think of” that “give America porn.” West continues to say that porn is “the gas chamber, it’s a silent killer” to “dumb us down.” He also cites his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, who he claims is used to “sell it.” West – who allegedly used porn to bully and control his staff – comes back to this point later on, saying that porn “destroyed” his family and that women in porn are the “products of pedophilia.”…

When asked if he has chosen a running mate, West says he considered Candace Owens (who wore a matching “White Lives Matter” shirt at the show) but that he has a problem with Ben Shapiro who is “in control of Candace Owens’ voice.” Owens is a talk show host on the Daily Wire, which Shapiro co-founded.

I’m not sure where Ye and Fuentes can go after shocking Alex Jones and failing to respond to an intervention by Gavin McInnes. This would seem to be the end but I guess a guy with Kanye’s money might be able to self-finance some other options.

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