You can tell Kirstie Alley really stood up for something because the hate on Twitter after her death is sadly all too real. Forget that Yashar Ali couldn’t even give it a few hours before he was attacking her ‘faith’ after she passed away, but the hate from our pals on the Left who consistently claim we’re the big meanies was palpable.

We collected some of the worst … when people show you who they really are, believe them.

Ugh, anytime we venture into Lefty-Twitter we feel like this:

Anyway, we didn’t grab all of them (some are too awful to share, to be honest), but this ‘sampling’ should give you a decent idea of how gross people can be when it comes to someone who leans right who has passed away.

Take a look.


Tweets like this say so much more about the hater than the hated.

Keep going, if you can stand it.


Hope this tweet made this person feel better about their own miserable little life.


What a bunch of lazy, sad people attacking her based on their own sad, lazy caricatures.



Who are these people?

You know what? We don’t really want to know.



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