Many New York Times employees have had it with their employer and are going on strike for a whole 24 hours.

From the Washington Post:

Members of the New York Times Guild — the union that covers about 1,400 Times workers, including non-newsroom departments such as advertising and security — have said the walkout is the culmination of months of frustration over contract negotiations on a range of issues, particularly compensation. The previous employee contract expired in March 2021. In a letter to members this week, union organizers wrote that “we cannot get to a deal until the company makes wage and benefit proposals that truly share the company’s gains with its employees.” They accused the company Wednesday evening of failing to “bargain in good faith.”
It is the first major walkout at the Times since 1981 — a work stoppage that lasted for just 6½ hours. In 2017, Times staffers staged a brief lunchtime walkout to protest staff cuts and other changes to copy-editing operations.

Some people are saying they’ll give up playing Wordle in solidarity, but, as the Babylon Bee reports, there will be a larger, more positive and widespread effect felt around the entire nation:

LOL! Right?

It does!

One detail about this story might add insult to injury for some at the Times:

That will be just more salt in the wound.



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