After Bari Weiss dropped #TwitterFiles2, Andy Ngô was good enough to take things a step further. Sure, we all knew Twitter was suppressing conservative voices and accounts, and seeing that verified FOR REAL was very vindicating HOWEVER when the curtain gets pulled back and we get a look at who was actually involved on the team doing the dirty work … wow.

And it was someone who worked for both the CIA and FBI?

Yeah, wow.

Deleted his Twitter account after the latest drop.


Because that’s not suspicious or anything.

Changed his name as well.

Nope, nothing to see here.

… some of which were read by President Barack Obama.

Nope, no bias in this guy WHATsoever.

Alrighty then.

It was at this point that Ella Irwin chimed in:

Ngô responded:

He works for her?

Umm … that doesn’t make this look any less sketchy.

Just sayin’.

Fair question.

Not seeing an answer just yet though.


Sounds trustworthy.

Or, maybe not.

Suuuuuper shady.

Or as we often say here at Twitchy, shady AF!



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