A few weeks ago, the Detroit School Board quietly voted to change the name of a high school that’s named for 2016 Republican presidential candidate and Trump administration member, Dr. Ben Carson.

Of course, Carson also has the distinction of being a top pediatric brain surgeon.

Despite his success and contributions, this is an effort to cancel him. And the worst part is that most people probably wouldn’t even know about it, if people who used to work with him hadn’t spoken out in an opinion piece for FOX News:

We worked for Dr. Ben Carson. We know Dr. Ben Carson. Canceling him is just not right.

Education is the gateway to opportunity. It’s the medicine that cures most ails, and it is the means by which we equip our next generations with the tools they need to confront the challenges of the future. The schools we construct and the names of the individuals we honor on our school buildings stand as a good barometer for the sort of people we want our young people to emulate.

That’s why we are so perturbed that in mid-November, the Detroit School Board voted to change the name of the Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine despite an administrative recommendation and student poll to keep the name as is…

Dr. Carson is the epitome of the American dream. Only in our country could a poor boy from the inner city grow up to be a world-renowned neurosurgeon, presidential candidate, and Cabinet secretary. He personifies the very promise of America.

Dr. Ben Carson is a man who loves his country and has saved the lives of children.

He deserves praise, not erasure.

Luckily, he has defenders.

Even members of Congress are standing up for him.

And students!

How could anyone go after Dr. Ben Carson?

He is so obviously a very decent man.


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