Everybody knows The Lincoln Project is nothing but a mechanism to financially support a few former Republican grifters. It does almost nothing but pay the people involved, so why give any money to them?

That is actually a mildly interesting question. We are long past caring about what these guys do and why they do it. We already know. They solicit donations and pay themselves consulting fees. Pretty much that’s it.

A 10-1 ratio between self-dealing and ineffectual political activity. That is a worse ratio than having Donald Trump fundraise off your campaign, where the split is 90 cents for The Donald and 10 cents for the candidate.

It’s almost as if the “political” spending isn’t the point. Hmmm.

Not almost as if; The Lincoln Project is pretty much solely about funneling money to the grifters who run it. And undoubtedly the donors know that.

So why would they do it?

Because The Lincoln Project is not about influencing elections, but rather about supporting the Narrative. It is useful to have a bunch of formerly prominent Republicans on hand to provide supporting quotes to people in the news media, to appear on Cable TV, to write Op/Eds, and to parade around as pet “conservatives.”

These are the Republicans the Left uses to prove that the Republican Party has gone off the rails. That we once used to be sane, but now are mad. Without them the chorus of Republican haters would not be “bipartisan.” The minuscule amounts of money they spend on political advertising or whatever fake political activity they do, such as this ridiculous effort to show Glenn Youngkin was a White Supremacist.

The fakery was never intended to convince. Hiring a black actor to pretend to be a White Supremacist shows that the whole stunt was never intended to convince. Perhaps they even wanted to get “caught” to prove that it was a Lincoln Project effort, and that they were doing the Lord’s work. It certainly gained them media attention, which was the real point.

The reason why the investment is probably considered a good one by the Leftist donors is that it keeps the MAGA/Donald Trump fear going. You remind people that Trump is a threat, that White Supremacists abound in today’s Republicans, and you assert that Important Republicans™ have left the party because it is filled with kooks.

It is all part of the retconning of history that is a constant feature in Lefty narratives. Mitt Romney in 2012 was a cancer causing dog hating slave holder. Now he is the good ol’ days when Republicans were responsible. The Lincoln Project folks are retconners for hire. They can be reliably called upon to mouth the words they are paid to as upstanding Republicans disappointed with their peers.

They don’t fool you and me, but we are not their audience. Independents are.

Donald Trump has proven to be an effective boogieman, so they keep him alive as a threat. And they keep the Lincoln Project folks on retainer to promote the idea that he is a threat.

It’s a good deal for everybody involved. Save the American people.

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