You’d think Eric Swalwell would know better by NOW … but nope. We’re starting to wonder if this yahoo likes negative attention as much as he does positive attention. Maybe we should ask Fang Fang.


For example, he thought this was a good idea:

Le sigh.

Although, if we’re being completely honest, we should thank Eric for consistently providing us with Twitchy fodder. The floater of air biscuits truly is Twitchy gold.

Careful, he’ll threaten to use our nukes on you.

No really, he once did that.


That’s not difficult to accomplish, just sayin’.

Yeah, we’re sensing a theme here.

Full transparency, we expected to see at least one or two tweets about how none of the people pictured had ever farted on national television (like Eric) but eh, the Fang Fang thing works too.



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