Michael Shellenberger has just posted another multipart thread on the Twitter Files here — part 7 of the Twitter Files project. This may be the most important of the threads published so far.

• As Techno Fog puts it: “[T]his release provides more details on the relationship between Twitter and the FBI, the suppression and removal of the Hunter Biden story from Twitter the FBI’s desire for Twitter to confirm a “foreign interference” narrative that didn’t exist, and how the FBI sought user location information for tweets that weren’t remotely criminal.”

• Shellenberger includes a backgrounder by Peter Schweizer on what the suppression of the New York Post’s Biden laptop/Biden corruption stories in advance of the 2020 presidential election.

• The FBI set out to suppress the Post’s Biden reporting on the basis of approximately nothing.

• More here.

• Former FBI General Counsel and then current Twitter deputy general counsel James Baker was the key to the FBI’s suppression operation.

• Let’s not skip over this.

• One more backgrounder by Peter Schweizer.

• Shellenberger establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the FBI was the perpetrator of a misinformation/disinformation campaign on behalf of Joe Biden.

• In this campaign the FBI secured the cooperation of the social media platforms such as Twitter.

• What about the mainstream media? So far as I can tell, they didn’t even have to be conned.

• I will add only that Shellenberger’s documentation of the FBI’s work in this matter is outrageous and invaluable. There is no substitute for checking it out in its entirety.

• I have gone back to number the parts of this series covering the Twitter Files (not including separate posts to capture related miscellany).

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