During Sunday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin, host Mark Levin opened the program by asking why no one has investigated Joe Biden —not Hunter, but Joe; “the evidence I abundant,” Levin says.

Excerpts Below. Watch the clip above.

Just a reminder, there are a series of questions whether Joe Biden used his public office and position to enrich himself and his family to the tune of over $30 million. And why he and family members received millions, even tens of millions from foreign governments and front corporations in China, Russia, Ukraine, and other places.

We have the Hunter Biden laptop. It’s an amazing thing loaded with evidence, loaded with evidence that the FBI has all but ignored and the media covered up for the longest time.

You have witnesses like Bobulinski who are on the record publicly and who did a long interview, one or two with the FBI and was never contacted again. You have other potential witnesses and actors who are named in the e-mails, and in the e-mails on the laptop, you have dates and times and transactions, really anything you would need.

And we have Treasury SAR reports, these are suspicious activity reports on wired funds, which the Treasury Department is withholding from the Republicans in the House of Representatives, but they have some in the US Senate on the Republican side, which gives you a lot of information.

Joe Biden said during the course of the campaign against Donald Trump that he has never discussed Hunter’s overseas business dealings. Joe Biden is a pathological liar. He certainly did and the evidence is abundant.

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