Vice-President Kamala Harris was interviewed on NPR Monday and she complained that Republicans are unwilling to engage in working on the Biden border crisis. She was “sad to say” that Republicans won’t work on “meaningful reform.”

You and I know what she means by meaningful reform. She and other Democrats insist that meaningful reform cannot happen without a legal pathway to citizenship, with a preference for blanket amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already living in the United States. That is always the starting point for the left. Republicans rightly want the southern border secured before anything else happens. The last time we were told that meaningful immigration reform happened was during the Reagan years. In 1986, amnesty was granted to nearly 3 million illegal aliens. The deal was that in exchange, there would be strict sanctions placed on employers who hired illegal aliens, thereby eliminating the magnet of jobs for those crossing illegally into the country. Democrats didn’t fulfill their part of the deal, though, and that provision was stripped out of the bill before passage.

The interview with NPR’s Asma Khalid was an end-of-year interview. It’s popular now for Democrats to blame Republicans for the Biden border crisis though Democrats have controlled all branches of government for two years. If immigration reform was a top priority, which it certainly is not, it would have been part of their agenda over the course of Biden’s time in office. Democrats were too busy ramming through a behemoth infrastructure bill, and a falsely labeled inflation bill that is a Green New Deal 2.0 bill, along with trillions of dollars for voter bribes, like student loan forgiveness.

Networks, except Fox News, won’t even cover the Biden border crisis. Most Americans have no idea about the humanitarian crisis or that drug cartels control the border. When a network does make a trip to the southern border, the tone of the reporter is one of contempt for Republicans who criticize the situation. ABC News host Martha Raddatz went to the border to interview Texas Governor Greg Abbott and accused him and other Republicans for spreading misinformation that the border is open. She said she had never heard Biden say the border is open and for migrants to come. How convenient. You can’t make this stuff up.

It would be easy to forget that Kamala is the border czar, a job delegated to her by the president. Kamala has only made one brief trip to El Paso and called it a trip to the border, while Joe Biden has never been to the southern border. Ever. The Biden border crisis is real and it’s intentional. If Biden toured the border as other lawmakers have done, he would see what abandoning the policies and agreements put in place by the previous administration has done. It’s a humanitarian crisis and a national security threat. Biden doesn’t care. There is no other explanation.

“And sadly, what we have seen in particular, I am sad to say, from Republicans in Congress is an unwillingness to engage in any meaningful reform that could actually fix a lot of what we are witnessing,” Harris told NPR.

“I think that there is so much that needs to happen to address the issue,” she told the outlet before adding, “Reform of our immigration system can only happen through Congress in terms of the passage of an immigration bill that allows for a legal pathway to citizenship and a legal presence in the country.”

Nope. That’s not going to happen. Republicans were burned in 1986. We can only hope that they will remain determined that instead of blanket amnesty as a starting point, any immigration reform must not even be discussed until the border is secured. Border Patrol agents, ICE, and other agencies have to be able to enforce current immigration laws on the books. That’s a starting point – enforce current laws and secure the border. Then they can talk about reforms.

That shouldn’t be a controversial position. It’s common sense. Yet, Democrats have decided to flip the issue and describe the problems as created by Republicans. It’s nuts.

With the end of Title 42 coming and suddenly everyone’s hair is on fire over the even greater disaster that will cause on the border, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked what exactly Kamala has been working on to ease the Biden border crisis. She was unable to come up with an answer. “I don’t have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like.” Of course she didn’t have an answer. There is no answer.

“[Is] there any update from this side of the White House on what she’s doing and what she will continue to do as we’re expecting an influx at the border?” asked Washington Post reporter Tyler Pager.

Jean-Pierre replied: “[President Biden] appreciates the partnership that he has with the vice president. You’re right, that has been her charge to work in a diplomatic way in finding the root causes of migration. I don’t have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like. But again, we appreciate her partnership and I would probably refer you to her office on anything specific on the work that she’s doing.”

Harris spokeswoman Kirsten Allen told The Post late Monday that the VP’s focus has been promoting private-sector investment in Central America.

If just throwing money at the corrupt Third World countries in the Northern Triangle was the answer, the problem of illegal immigration at the southern border would have been solved several administrations ago.

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