This week in trendy, innovative cosmetic mutilations for LGBTQ+++™ community members that will further enrich the butchers surgeons at gender-affirming clinics across the country, we have “shoulder width reduction surgery.”

Since the advent of medicine itself, a doctor’s first commitment – the Prime Directive of medicine – has been “to first do no harm.” Surgical interventions requiring anesthesia, which inherently involve substantial risk to the patient, were once last-ditch treatments for actual medical conditions where other, less invasive interventions had failed. Now they’re trivialized as a cosmetic thing, on par with an ear piercing or a manicure.

Basically, shoulder width reduction works by sawing a section of the clavicle off and then fusing the remaining pieces back together with a metal plate. The procedure generally costs tens of thousands of dollars. You can see the surgery being performed here.

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Isn’t the liberal orthodoxy that you’re supposed to love yourself as you are, regardless of what society says about how you should look? That’s certainly the ethos behind the so-called “body positivity” movement that fat liberal women embrace as an excuse to stay enormous.

Fat models make entire careers out of embracing their bodies just as they are, and encouraging their followers to be just as gluttonous as them, and making zero effort to improve their appearance in any way for the sake of social convention.

Somehow the same philosophy doesn’t seem to apply to lucrative transgender surgeries like shoulder mutilations. When there’s money to be made, and social fabric to rip apart, somehow, the same self-love mantra is tossed by the wayside.

Research indicates that as many as 15% of patients experience postoperative complications following surgery. The mortality rate following surgery may be as high as 5.7%. How many lives will aesthetic, medically unnecessary shoulder width reduction surgery claim?

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