In yet another stunning triumph for the Biden administration’s foreign policy chops…well.

More accurate to say the Biden administration’s foreign policy constantly takes it in the chops and – TA DAH! Here we go again.

Everything they touch turns to poo for someone else.

Female university students in Afghanistan were turned away from campuses on Wednesday after the Taliban-run administration said women would be suspended from tertiary education.

The decision to bar women was announced on Tuesday evening in a letter to universities from the higher education ministry, drawing condemnation from foreign governments and the United Nations.

“We went to university, the Taliban were at the gate and told us ‘you are not allowed to enter the university until further notice’ … everyone was crying,” said Shaista, a business studies student at a private university in Kabul.

For the women of Afghanistan who had years of breathing free, this swift fall into a deadly state of enforced ignorance, perpetual swathing, and a life of unending servitude to every and any male has to be so soul-crushing.

Every last “promise” (and I use that term lightly) the Taliban made after sweeping back into power has gone by the board. The only real surprise is how surprised the “international community” is. It’s almost as if the White House, U.N., and E.U. thought this was a different group – like they’d reorganized a boy band with new members who were a lot cooler than the old ones.

“…I sat across from them many a time when they said, “This will be different.”…”

Wrong again.

Less than a year and a half after the disastrous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, all of Joe Biden’s garbled assurances, promises, and excuses are laying pancaked on the deck as if they’d slipped from a C-17 on take-off.

…So, now we’re fercus [sic] — focused on what is possible.

We will continue to support the Afghan people. We will lead with our diplomacy, our international influence, and our humanitarian aid.

We’ll continue to push for regional diplomacy and engagement to prevent violence and instability.

We’ll continue to speak out for the basic rights of the Afghan people — of women and girls — just as we speak out all over the world.

This is what “speaking out” for the Biden White House consists of. It’s only missing a hashtag.

Oh, gosh – such chiding language tut-tutting vicious 4th-century misogynist goat herders with isolation, who, now for the second time, have shown the world precisely what they think of the “international community.”

Mr. Blinken – hello! Your offended sniffing will never put a damper on their party because they don’t want any part of your party. Besides, dude – you’re talking out of one side of your mouth for the cameras anyway, while financing these guys to the tune of about $40M A WEEK with “Call it humanitarian aid” out of the other. You disgusting frauds.

The United States is providing nearly $327 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help the people of Afghanistan. This funding includes nearly $119 million through the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration and nearly $208 million through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, bringing the total U.S. humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and neighboring countries to more than $1.1 billion since the Taliban takeover one year ago in August 2021. The United States remains committed to the Afghan people and continues to call on other members of the international community to adhere to pledges made during the March 31 High-Level Pledging Event on Supporting the Humanitarian Response in Afghanistan.

In more two-faced messaging coming out of the White House and their State Department lackeys yesterday, did you know the Taliban released two Americans who were “being detained”? The usual assurances (no one in their right mind believes anymore) were offered about “no money changed hands” etc…okay, sure.

The Taliban have freed two Americans in detention in Afghanistan, the State Department said Tuesday, on the same day that the militant regime faced condemnation for banning women at universities.

…”The irony of them granting us a goodwill gesture on a day where they undertake a gesture like this to the Afghan people, it’s not lost on us.” Price said. “But it is a question for the Taliban themselves regarding the timing of this.”

The United States has repeatedly condemned the Taliban’s track record since the militants swept back to power last year when President Joe Biden pulled out US troops, leading the 2-decade-old Western-backed government to collapse.

But the Biden administration said that the Taliban were largely helpful during the takeover on letting out US citizens.

Shame about the girls and school thing, but, gosh. Such helpful guys! [headsmack]

If there was an illustration of a “hopeless situation” in the Merriam-Webster, my heart feels this would suit. There is no one country and no international will to ride to the rescue of the enslaved half of an entire nation, however sick to the very pit of our stomachs it makes us.

It’s going to take – as it should – the Afghan people to throw these bloodsuckers out. It’s going to be ghastly having to watch how awful it gets before that happens.

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