You know, it’s amazing that Adam Kinzinger even has time to serve in Congress, given how busy he is saving democracy and the entire world from Donald Trump. Homeboy can multitask like nobody’s business, and on top of that, he’s a living saint.

And he knows it, too:

And then everyone clapped!

That blurb is from a new NBC “News” piece entitled “Faces of the Investigation,” featuring such heroic Resistance crusaders as … Adam Schiff.

More from NBC News:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., was “angry” on Jan. 6, but when he realized that night that most of his colleagues weren’t, he was outraged.

It was that anger that propelled him to join the Jan. 6 committee, one of just two Republicans to do so. It’s not that we’re courageous. We’re really not,” he said of himself and Cheney. “It’s that cowardice is everywhere.”

“Our politics is broken. Trump is a symptom. If he goes away, somebody will replace him,” he said.

Kinzinger announced he wouldn’t run for re-election in October 2021. He said he won’t miss Congress but does feel he has been “kicked out of my tribe.”

If Trump goes away … Adam Kinzinger won’t have any reason to appear on CNN and MSNBC. He doesn’t actually want Trump to go away. None of the Resistance wants Trump to go away, because if he goes away, their insanely lucrative grift goes with him.

Also, gotta love how NBC News framed Kinzinger’s impending departure from Congress, as if it was Kinzinger’s choice to retire rather than him getting redistricted out of existence.


Oh well. At least Adam Kinzinger’s kid won’t be ashamed of him; he’ll just have to explain to his friends why dad’s always making kissy faces at himself in the mirror.

The only person who loves Adam Kinzinger more than Adam Kinzinger might be Ryan J. Reilly:

Yeah, Kinzinger has definitely got some stiff competition in the race for Adam Kinzinger Fan Club President.

Only the best.



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