It’s been a really sad but also morbidly entertaining journey for Jennifer Rubin, who went from relatively reliable conservative Washington Post opinion columnist to shameless liberal mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. She’s fallen so, so far, but it’s been truly fascinating to witness. Normally, dementia is beyond the victim’s control, but in Rubin’s case, she had a choice between sanity and dementia, and she chose dementia.

And what is this tweet, if not evidence of full-blown dementia?

Ummm, what?

When it comes to willful insanity, nothing quite tops Jennifer Rubin.

Confused? Join the club.

What an utterly bizarre take. In fact, you might actually need to be demented in order to make sense of it.

But that’s just it: she’s Jen Rubin. She can’t help herself. Not anymore.

Eh, don’t feel too bad for her. Remember, this is the life she has chosen.



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