Senator Mitt Romney voted to pass the bloated, gross, woke, expensive, pet-project-filled Omnibus Spending Bill … and he thinks we still believe he’s a Republican. Oh, let’s be fair, we all stopped really taking him seriously when he showed up to dinner with Trump, looked like a weak, pathetic shill, and then started voting like a Democrat because ORANGE MAN BAD.

But this, this should be enough for Utah to show this guy the door, don’t you think? Any Republican supporting this hot mess that does NOTHING to secure our border (and everything to fund the Democrat’s agenda) should be primaried, recalled, voted out, etcetera. He along with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski should just officially put a D by their names and be done with it.

And no amount of excuses or ‘thoughts’ should change that for any of them.

Look at this video Mitt thinks will make everything better:

It’ll cost more.


Just shut up, Mitt. Seriously.

Hey, we’re not the only ones saying it.


He’s as bad as any Democrat when it comes to spending money we simply don’t have.

They all are.

None of them has.

Or he was talking about the House … either way, this video stinks.

… once again betrayed the American people and the country.

Accurate AF.

Tough crowd.

Deservedly so.



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