Merry Christmas!! On this cold Christmas Eve (it’s below freezing in DALLAS right now), we hope you can remember that you have friends who care about you, in the real world and in this pseudo-reality we call the internet. You’re part of our Right Scoop family and we are so grateful for that.

There are bad times and good times in every nation just as in every human life, and Christmas is a time that worship, remembrance, joy, love, and peaceful understanding can help us put those times in perspective.

Two thousand years ago it was a pretty tough time out there, too. They got through it by the power of a birth, and a sacrifice, that will help each of us through hard times still today. What a powerful thing it is to touch the past and the future and all of time in one shining moment we choose to honor on December 25th each year.

I hope your holiday is blessed, joyous, fun, and yes, a bit commercial and capitalist, too. We’re meant to enjoy this life, not just endure it. So have fun, exchange gifts, talk to those you care about, reach out to others, lend a helping hand, support a cause, or just close your eyes in prayer. And if you’re by yourself, as some have to be now and then, or are overseas in service to God or country, as some of you surely are, just remember that by yourself doesn’t mean alone.

Here’s some music to enjoy as you read and engage in the comments below.

Merry Christmas I say and I say again Merry Christmas. From us to y’all.

And God Bless Texas!


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