Randy Prince Andy has been kicked out of Buckingham Palace. He will no longer be allowed the perks of being a working royal when he is not one. The 62-year-old disgraced prince resigned from his Royal Family duties almost three years ago due to his ties with the sex trafficking duo Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. He will no longer be allowed to use an office in Buckingham Palace or the staff there.

Buckingham Palace serves as the royal headquarters. Queen Elizabeth allowed Prince Andrew to continue to use the palace and keep a small staff when he stepped down from royal duties in 2020. King Charles is in charge now and he’s running the show differently than the queen. King Charles isn’t even allowing his brother to use Buckingham Palace as a corresponding address.

“Any presence at the Palace is officially over,” a source told the outlet. “The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.”

He was stripped of military and royal titles and was not allowed to wear his military uniform to his mother’s funeral. Shortly after her death, King Charles told his brother that he would never return to royal life. Last month, the king reportedly stripped Andrew’s 24-hour security service.

On Wednesday, King Charles named Queen Consort Camilla the Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, a position once held and treasured by Andrew.

No need to feel sorry for the pervy old royal. He still gets to have Christmas dinner with the King and the rest of his family. He also will probably be allowed to keep his government-funded Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate. He’s not being tossed out on the streets to fend for himself.

Christmas dinner is bound to be a little awkward, right? Big brother is exerting his power over the fam now and that’s bound to cause friction. The Royal Christmas will take place as it traditionally does, at Sandringham. It will be the first one with Charles as king. Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Fergie, is being invited to join the family for lunch for the first time since she and Andrew divorced. Harry and Meghan will not be there. Andrew will not likely join the family on their traditional walk to church on Christmas day.

Them’s the breaks. He acquired the nickname Randy Andy in the press as a young man and apparently lived up to it until it all came crashing down when his involvement in the Epstein sex and human trafficking scandal became public knowledge. The punishment he has received from his own family is the only punishment he has received. He denied having sex with Virginia Giuffre but paid her a $12M settlement in February after she sued him for sexual abuse.

The annual Christmas speech will be delivered by King Charles and it is being described as poignant. He gives a nod to the late Queen in tribute in St. George’s Chapel, where the world last saw her coffin. The speech will be broadcast at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas day. It was recorded last week, just two days before Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series concluded, full of attacks on the Royal Family. A modern touch is being brought in – a large Christmas tree in the background with ornaments “made from sustainable materials and natural products.” Charles is known for his support of the environmental wacko agenda. He still lives the Royal life in palaces and private air travel and all the rest but, you know, he’s down with the cause. He has been doing organic farming on his property for many years.

No other advanced details about the Christmas speech have been released.

This story does provide a reminder that no one other than Epstein and Maxwell has been legally punished for their participation in the sex ring, which included pedo activities. Andrew (or his mother) wrote a big check to make his legal problems go away. What about all the other men involved? And, not a peep from feminists, either. Funny how that happens.

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