President and DOCTOR Jill Biden tweeted a picture of themselves decorating their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Because SURE, they always let the 80-year-old pudding pop who has a habit of forgetting where he is get up on a ladder with his hands full of a bowl … of what? Decorations? Who uses a bowl to decorate a tree?


They do remember this is the same guy who fell off his bike, yes?

And sorry, but does anyone really believe these two spend any time at all actually doing any sort of Christmas decorating, let alone ‘finishing touches on a tree?’


They waited until Christmas Eve to decorate their Christmas tree? RIGHT. Talk about a total photo-op … gone wrong.

We aren’t the only ones who aren’t buying this … good ol’ Twitter was its good ol’ cynical self.

Awww, there’s their adopted son.

EEEEEEK. Destroy it with fire!

Totally staged.


What the heck?

We don’t even want to know what’s going on here.

We see what she did here.

There ya’ go! Much safer.




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