• Always hard to keep up with the shifting standards of the left. To wit:

The left: Churchill is a racist, imperialist, colonialist warmonger who must be cancelled!

Also the left (last week): Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the Churchill of our time, who must be celebrated!

I’m confused.

What’s going on with the electricity grid? I don’t mean all the “green energy” nonsense that his slowly crippling the grid; rather, there seems to be relative silence about what appears to be potentially a growing campaign of sabotage of the grid.

Back in 2013 a sniper attack (reportedly with a 50-cal gun) took out a major substation south of San Jose, raising alarms that it might have been some kind of “dry run” for terrorism. Some authorities downplayed the attack. “The F.B.I. at this time does not believe it is related to terrorism, based on the initial assessment of the investigation,” Peter Lee, an agency spokesman in San Francisco, told the New York Times. Other officials were less reassuring: “Jon B. Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time of the San Jose attack, said Wednesday in an interview, ‘I believe this was, in essence, terrorism,’ adding that the attack was carried out by “a group of individuals who were intent upon disrupting parts of the grid.”

Well, it has happened again, this time up in the Seattle-Tacoma area:

Attacks on three electrical substations affect thousands – investigation underway

Three power substations in East Pierce County operated by Tacoma Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy were attacked and vandalized early Sunday, resulting in power outages affecting thousands of customers. The affected area was centered in Graham.

The attacks were preceded by a warning from federal law enforcement citing a possible threat to the local electrical grid, according to a statement from TPU. The utility did not describe the specific nature of the attack, apart from saying it occurred early Sunday morning. According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s office, unknown individuals broke into the two substations and vandalized equipment.

All three incidents were described as burglaries. . .

Burglaries? Ohhh—kay. But ZeroHedge reports:

In the first eight months of the year, there were 106 attacks on the electrical grid, the highest number ever recorded in a single year.

This starts to sound like possible eco-terrorism. After all, throwing paint at artworks in museums, and gluing yourself to the wall, doesn’t stop greenhouse gas emissions. Blowing of the electricity grid just might.

So are doctors going to start prescribing books? Will the pharmaceutical industry figure out a pill we can take?

People who read live longer than those who don’t, Yale researchers say

Bookworms rejoice! A new study in the journal Social Science and Medicine just discovered that people who read books live longer than people who don’t.

Researchers at Yale University asked 3,635 participants over 50 years-old about their reading habits. . .  Over the course of the study, the researchers consistently found that both groups of readers lived longer than the non-readers.

I’m going to live forever. Refresher:

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