Try to figure this one out: A professor was fired for Islamophobia after he shared a Muslim image of Islam’s most important religious figure in a class on Islamic art. If that doesn’t make sense to you, a Minnesota university would like to reeducate you.

In the earlier days of Islam, depictions of humans, including the Prophet Muhammed, were not taboo. Later, Islam turned iconoclastic and images of Muhammed — particularly his face — were condemned. This would not seem to have any application to a professor teaching American students about Islam and using a medieval image of the Muslim prophet to do so. But St. Paul, Minnesota’s Hamline University fired its Islamic arts instructor for showing his students an image of Mohammed from pre-iconoclast times, according to both The Siasat Daily and Jihad Watch.

For daring to show Islamic art in his Islamic art class, the unnamed instructor was reportedly accused by Hamline administrators of being “hateful, intolerant and Islamophobic” and hurting “the feeling of the Muslims” because of the ban on representations of Muhammed within modern Islam.

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When I took a college class on Islamic art, my instructor showed us more than one depiction of Muhammed. To leave them out would be to erase an entire era of Islamic art — and not being Muslims, we were not required to rewrite (or re-paint) history. But Hamline’s student newspaper The Oracle called out the university’s instructor in a November issue, Siasat said, reporting the episode under “incidents of hate and discrimination.” The university’s “associate vice president of inclusive excellence” — whatever that means — called sharing the image in class “undeniably inconsiderate, disrespectful and Islamophobic.”

Siasat explained, “The artwork that landed the instructor into trouble depicts Prophet Muhammad receiving his first Quranic revelation. It is alleged that the painting of Prophet Muhammad is usually part of the Islamic art history classes in many universities across the world.” I can testify to that from my own experience.

I guess Hamline, a private liberal arts institution founded in 1824, is more interested in woke pandering to authoritarian Sharia law than in educating their students.

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