Earlier today, Twitchy reported on the latest Twitter Files revelations which provided insight into how the government worked with Twitter to silence dissenting opinions on COVID. California congressman, Ted Lieu, took to Twitter to try to paint the news drop as misinformation but instead dropped some misinformation of his own.

Ted got fact checked … hard. In lieu of correcting his false information, Lieu simply deleted the tweet and tried to move on, as if nothing had happened.

Here’s the now-deleted tweet.

In particular, people took issue with Lieu’s last sentence:

COVID appears to be a leading cause of death for children.

This reply spelled out the misinformed congressman’s mistake.

The KelleyKga account was also highlighted in the latest Twitter Files as one that had been flagged by Twitter for ‘misleading’ information, despite sharing accurate information.

We have to assume the government’s tag-team censorship efforts were largely successful. They certainly confused Ted Lieu. He’s still sharing the misinformation.

Elon Musk called out Ted Lieu after this this full-bodied fact check.

As you might have guessed, the internet was not going to let Lieu off the hook easy.

Yes, amazing. Ted Lieu tweeted that COVID appears to be a leading cause of death among children and then shortly after claims he didn’t say exactly that. WHAT?!? LOL.

Perhaps a congressman who doesn’t appear to know what he’s talking about shouldn’t be lecturing people on medical decisions?


Exactly. Clowns like Lieu share bad information, deletes it when proven wrong, doesn’t apologize for his mistake or even acknowledge what he did, and then jumps right back into the fray, brazenly pretending he’s an expert.

HAHA! Doogie was smarter than Ted.

We’re not going to hold our breath.

Ted Lieu provides a great example of why the American people should be concerned that government was trying to suppress dissenting voices.

Bad information can be combatted with good information. Clueless politicians like Lieu only further erode public trust when they pull stunts like this.


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