First, an aside: What do your beliefs have to be to make you just regular “right”? The terms “far-right” and “alt-right” and “extreme-right” (and “ultra-MAGA”) are all used interchangeably now. So who’s just plain right? Mitt Romney? Back in 2012, he was too extreme to be president and wanted women in binders and blacks “back in chains.” How about Never Trump? David French? Bill Kristol?


In any case, the New York Times editorial board revealed on Christmas Eve that right-wing paramilitary groups were showing up at anti-LGBTQ protests, but the only group we saw armed with AR-15s outside of an “all-ages” drag show was Antifa.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has passed along a call to action to protect Drag Queen Story Hour in Queens from the far right. The Rolling Library, a “queer-led, Queens-based, library-obsessed mutual aid group” is looking for some muscle to help protect queen spaces and expression.


We pointed that out with the New York Times editorial board’s piece. There is no “other side” to this; having drag queens perform for children is an absolute good. To oppose it is wrong. Even to question it is wrong.


Remember this?

At a time when “patriot” is considered a hate term by the Justice Department, these are the true patriots.


Same here. Why is it necessary to bring young children together with drag queens, who used to happily perform in nightclubs for adults? Why? Because it’s necessary to get to young children before “cisnormative” ideas become ingrained in their little heads.


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