If Germans are worried about getting through the Winter of 2023, they ain’t seen nothing yet. 2024 could be even worse, thanks to government bureaucracy. And yes, that goes for those environmentally-minded volk who are cruising the Autobahn in their EVs.

The cryptically-named Federal Network Agency has announced plans to empower German power grid operators to remotely limit home heat pumps and EV chargers. And this can be done without the customer’s permission. And lest German citizens think that they have the spring, summer, and fall to make adjustments, this policy is set to take effect next month. It should be running at full speed, so to speak, by the time winter rolls around next year.

Breitbart News cited the German publication Die Welt in explaining that the increasing number of electric cars in the country and the uptick in people using heat pumps for homes are environmentally friendly but are gobbling up power and are taking a toll on power grids.

So the German government has to penalize the people, in this case the ones who are all-in on the International Green New Deal, in order to save them. Or in this case, the grid. The power cannot be completely turned off, but it can be turned down if someone in the government deems it necessary. That means it will take longer to charge those nifty electric cars or to heat a home.

Ironically, the German government announced back in October that it was planning on expanding the use of EVs. Autoblog stated that the government would spend 6.3 billion euros to increase to add one million charging stations across the country by 2030. These stations would power around 15 million EVs. The move is in response to the energy crunch Europe faces as a result of the war in Ukraine.

It is hard to tell who is taking their cues from whom. We expect this sort of thing out of the EU, but as you may recall, in August, California told residents not to charge their EVs due to the potential for blackouts. The concern was over a strain on the grid brought on by the excessive heat.

For those of you who thought that the Great Reset would consist of platoons of jack-booted wokesters marching down your street, burning Bibles, and seizing your cellphones, the joke is on you. The powers-that-be are doing it bit by bit. Or volt by volt. But the joke is also on them — they can’t even get out of the starting gate in the race for the Green Medal without tripping over their own shoelaces.

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