As we told you, Democratic politicians and liberals are effectively calling for GOP Rep.-elect George Santos to be run out of town on a rail for lying about his personal and professional history. Granted, Santos is indeed a lying liar who lies like a rug. But we also can’t help but notice that Santos is getting raked over the coals while the man currently occupying the White House has a much longer history as a serial fabulist, and the same folks who want Santos blacklisted from politics are quick to dismiss Joe Biden’s lies as mere slips of the tongue or honest mistakes. And that’s assuming they even acknowledge Biden’s lies in the first place.

Put simply, the people castigating Santos but defending or excusing Biden are hypocrites. Massive hypocrites.

And that brings us to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. When Jonah Goldberg pointed out that Joe Biden (as well as Donald Trump) is a pathological liar, Hayes was quick to write off Biden’s pathological lying as just “‘normal’ politican [sic] bs-ing”:

When George Santos and Donald Trump lie, it’s a travesty. When Joe Biden lies, it’s just how these things go in politics.

Harsh, but fair.

Oh, it definitely counts. And there was a lot more lying where all that came from.

Basically everything Joe Biden has ever said in his entire life should be taken with a mountain of salt.

The rules are that the rules don’t apply to Democratic politicians.

Of course it is. And of course Chris Hayes et al. are totally fine with it.

Seriously, Chris. Just admit it already. At least then we’d sort of be able to respect you for your honesty, if only just barely.



Chris Hayes debunks idea that FBI has partisan beef with conservatives with evidence from *Peter Strzok*


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