The rumor that former Vice President, Mike Pence, filed to run for President picked up a lot of steam on Twitter on Monday night. According to Fox News, a spokesman for Pence stated it was false and suggested it was just someone trying to ‘prank’ the media. You may read the Fox News piece here.

Twitter did not seem to care if it was true, it seemed most users just wanted to make their opinions regarding Pence known.

Ouch. Perhaps a little harsh, but from reading many of the comments we think she is right. Pence does not look popular. It did not seem to matter if a person identified as MAGA or not, the overwhelming sentiment was that nobody cares and nobody wanted to vote for him.

When a fly is considered a better option you may need to do some revamping of your image before running for anything.

We could get on board with that. Gauging interest is an important tool for politicians, but if they read most of the Twitter comments, they should bow out now.

We think Pence should consider a whole different career outside of politics. He does not have the charisma needed to overcome his current image issues. Even people who are not major MAGA fans are not thrilled about him.

That’s a good question. Who did file and why? Was it to gauge the interest as the one tweet suggested or maybe it was just playing a prank on the media? Who knows! Either way, it certainly gave Twitter a lot to talk about.

We are not political strategists either, but we have followed politics for a very long time and we agree! Both he and Liz Cheney may have to switch parties to get anywhere near holding a federal or state office again, but that would be an uphill battle for them as well.

Welp, that is a nice summary. Pence is fairly irrelevant. Even as Vice President we can not say he added anything interesting to most conversations. He is about as vanilla as vanilla can be. Most people do not hate him, but nobody necessarily LIKES him.

We understand Former President Trump has already thrown his hat in the ring for 2024, but personally, we hope everyone else just lays low and we do not have to listen to any of the insanity about the primaries until at least the summer of 2023.


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