Gender ideology has infected and turned to trash a lot of institutions and publications, from the American Medical Association to Scientific American. Psychology Today isn’t an academic journal but rather a popular magazine, and it recently published the results of a study trying to profile the happiest workers in America. Not surprisingly, they’re men. Not just men, but straight men who have a wife and young child at home. The patriarchy, right?

And the least happy demographic when it comes to employment? We’ll let you guess before you scroll down for the answer:

The top of that tweet is cut off, so here’s the entire graphic:

The big question:

They probably work as paralegals for the ACLU or SPLC.

Maybe professional women with no children who make six figures are pretty happy, or maybe not.

It’s straight male supremacy — America as we know it was founded upon it and so men benefit the most from it. At least that’s how academia would explain the disparity.


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