Greg Abbott took a beating over the holiday for (maybe?) dropping off some migrants in front of the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. The observatory is the home of the Vice President, and the political point was obvious.

The federal government has admitted more than 4 million migrants into the United States, mostly along the Southern border, since Biden became president. Migrants are living in the streets of El Paso, TX, and the feds have bused, flown, and simply released migrants in cities around the country.

The MSM mostly ignores this fact, preferring to focus on how evil Abbot and DeSantis are for transporting migrants to cities that claim to be sanctuaries for illegal aliens. But some cities away from the border claim to be reaching a breaking point, despite having to deal with far fewer migrants than El Paso and other border cities.

Bill Melugin of Fox News has been on the illegal immigrant beat–one of the few MSM (sort of–he’s a Fox guy) reporters who has been covering the story in anything other than helicopter mode (flying in, doing a shoot, and leaving the tragedy behind). He has documented the thousands of migrants crossing the border daily, and the utter ineptitude of the federal response.

Per San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, while the MSM has been bashing Governor Abbot for (maybe–he hasn’t acknowledged it was him yet) dropping off migrants in Washington DC, the federal government has been simply dumping migrants in San Diego to no fanfare.

Because, of course, the Biden Administration is dumping the illegals in San Diego compassionately, instead of nastily. Or something like that.

By the end of Biden’s first term the number of illegal aliens who will have crossed into the United States is enough to fill a major American city. On the order of 8 million or so, in 4 years. That is of course a projection based upon the current rate, and it ignores the hundreds of thousands who were never processed by the government. Many of those who have evaded the Border Patrol did so for a reason–smuggling, for instance–since there is little to worry about once you get across the border for most immigrants.

For the most part the media has simply ignored the crisis at the border, and much of their coverage until very recently has been driven almost exclusively by Governor Abbot and Governor DeSantis, with Ducey playing a role. Their coverage goes “mean MAGA Republicans do mean MAGA things.”

I did a quick search for the term “border crisis” on Google News and the results are damning.

The first page of results shows 3 Fox News stories, a National Review piece, and only one non-conservative media hit from Axios. The streets of El Paso are literally filled with migrants, many in makeshift tents, and nobody in the MSM seems to care. They do care about Governor Abbot’s plea for help, but only so they can accuse him of being a Grinch this Christmas by sending migrants to meet the Vice President.

Perhaps the VP, who is supposedly in charge of managing the border, should have come met some of these migrants. After all, she is responsible for their being here, and for those being left on the streets of America’s cities.

I have never been fond of using the term “invasion” to describe the border crisis, because almost none of the people coming here for a better life harbor ill intentions. Some obviously do, but the average illegal migrant is pursuing a better life. In similar situations many of us would make our way to the US as well, especially with a border that is open. Chances are good that a better life awaits.

But that doesn’t mean opening the border is an act of mercy, and it certainly isn’t a good thing for the average American. And it is Americans, after all, who are supposed to be represented by the Biden Administration, not El Salvadorans or Venezuelans. It is over a century since America had an influx of immigrants of this size, and at the time that occurred there was no welfare state. Migrants had to make their way on their own, in an economy that was sink or swim. No longer.

Nothing good can come from this. Employers may like paying lower wages, and the service industry may be pleased. But ordinary Americans are getting squeezed.

None of this harms the white collar class, especially those at the very top. They aren’t forced to deal with the consequences that fall on working class Americans, and they even get to experience the frisson of feeling more compassionate and superior to their red-hatted inferiors.

I think we all hoped that the midterm elections would send a message to Washington that Americans are fed up with this, but obviously the opposite happened. Joe Biden and the Democrats have interpreted the results to mean that Americans endorse their policies, or will at least tolerate them. And in this they have something of a point.

After all, Americans have not reached a breaking point; enough of our fellows might be bothered by what is happening, but they are only bothered in the abstract. It isn’t something they actually experience.

Until the flow of illegal migrants starts hitting home with Democrat voters in the suburbs–and I don’t know if and when that will happen–it may be that enough voters will simply ignore the problem.

Perhaps focusing efforts on busing illegals to Times Square and Union Station in DC might help. New York and DC are where the media live. Until they start whining loudly, Blue America will continue to shrug at the problem–after all, it is only happening to people in Red States.

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