What timeline are we living in? Nina Turner dismantled Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, so thoroughly it would take a convoy of 30 public transit buses to deliver the pieces for reassembly.

She didn’t just say ‘Pete could be doing a better job’. She called him out as an ill-prepared opportunist who is ‘failing up’, and indirectly slammed Joe Biden in the process.

The funniest part of the Mayor Pete pummeling is conservatives finding themselves in utter disbelief that they agree with Nina Turner and the leftists who have unleashed their Twitter rage on her. Priceless!

Seriously, we could have told you Molly Hemingway tweeted this, and you wouldn’t question it. LOL.

Yep, we’re confused too.

This seemed to be the general consensus among right-leaning Twitter.

Usually Nina is the nut when we write about her. LOL.

Tick Tock, Mayor Pete.

Maybe it was Joy Reid’s homophobic time-traveling hackers?

We don’t understand it either. Let’s just roll with it.

Are you ready? LOL.

Yep, Nina Turner pretty much nailed it. Mayor Pete’s cabinet position was pretty much awarded for Biden style points, to pay him off with some D.C. experience, and to stuff him in the closet where he couldn’t cause any trouble for the Biden administration.

Well played, sir. LOL.

Not if you ask the leftists she ticked off.

Nina seems to have reignited the war between the Buttigieg Battalion and the Bernie Bros, and we couldn’t be happier!

He mad.

Liberals eating their own is a beautiful thing. We’re so happy you’re here to share this moment with us.

What’s up with all these white Democrat men lecturing Nina Turner?

All of us right now:

LOL! That’s a wrap!

We’re having too much fun!

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